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Live-in care at home

A trusted provider of tailored, live-in care that works around your unique requirements.

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Enabling you to safely live at home

Live-in care from Britannia Social Care provides you with a fully-trained carer who lives in your home with you. There to provide you with one-to-one personalised care, your live-in carer gives you the support and confidence you need to stay within the comfort of your own home.

For many, staying at home is much more than just a sense of familiarity, it enables you to stay close to partners, family, pets and the local community. Putting a live-in care package in place can therefore be a life-transforming moment for you and your loved ones, enabling you to live your life on your terms, where you want to be.

Care packages are always tailored to your unique needs, including the choice of carer, whether you require round-the-clock care or someone to simply keep you company when others are not available.

The key benefits of the Live-in Care service by Britannia Social Care are:

  • Preventing the need for you to move into a care home
  • Making it safe and enjoyable for you to live at home
  • Totally personalised packages tailored to your needs
  • Comfort and reassurance that someone is with you at home
  • Enabling you to stay close to loved ones
  • Giving you total peace, privacy and flexibility
  • Providing you with a pet-friendly option

Scroll down this page for more information, or call our friendly client services team on 0330 223 0172 to discuss your requirements

Putting the right care in place for you

Your live-in carer will be matched with you based on their personalities and interests. The hand-picked carers Britannia Social Care employ are all considerate, friendly people who put their clients’ needs at the heart of everything they do. They really are the next best thing to family, developing strong bonds with clients under their care.

Our experienced client services team are experienced in taking care of families with a range of requirements and work with you to create the best package of care for you. Whether you want some support or companionship, or require specialised medical support, our live-in care service can help you:

  • Dementia Care Specialists
  • Live-in nurse care
  • Palliative and end of life care
  • Live-in Respite care
  • Companionship

Create your own care home

Whether you have been in hospital, diagnosed with a life-limiting condition, or simply becoming less mobile, often when the time comes that you need more support, care homes can be the default solution. This can be an unappealing choice for those who wish to remain in familiar surroundings, stay close to loved ones and live life on your own terms.

The live-in care service from Britannia Social Care gives you the ability to create the care you need without leaving your home. We will bring the tailored care you need to you, creating your own at-home care plan. Your carer will become part of your family, on hand to have a chat about the ‘good old days’, watch a film together, or cook your favourite meal.

Here’s some of the reasons you may find live-in care a great choice:

  • Remain in your own home where your memories are
  • Receive a totally personalised, one-to-one care service
  • Keep your pets and family close by
  • Choose what and when you eat
  • Devise your own lifestyle and routines

Meet your dedicated, personal carer

At Britannia Social Care, we understand that quality, safety and security are all vital considerations for you and your family when choosing a live-in care provider. We follow a strict criteria for recruiting carers that are both adequately trained and vetted for your safety and security.

We only accept the most qualified and experienced carers and carry out a thorough assessment of their previous employment history and credentials. All of this is designed to give you peace of mind that you are in safe hands with our carers.

Matching you with the most appropriate live-in carer is the first step of your care journey and one that we put aside a considerable amount of time to deliberate. We take the time to get to know you, your family, your unique needs and requirements to build a full picture of your circumstances. Our client services team are knowledgeable about all the carers we have approved, which puts us in a strong position to match you perfectly. If you let us know what’s really important to you, we’ll go out of our way to find the perfect match for you.

Keep up with a social life

It is often important to clients that they can retain an active social life, boosting their health and wellbeing.

Those who interact with others regularly are less likely to feel depressed and keep mentally alert. Being part of the local community in day centres, religious groups and societies can all so often be the highlight of people’s week. Whatever activity or social group our clients wish to be part of, we will support them and enable them to do this confidently and safely.

What can you expect from your carer?

Live-in carers can be considered as a blend between a private chef, housekeeper and care assistant; taking care of everyday household tasks as well as being on hand to administer medication and help you with personal care.

Here’s some examples of how they can help you:

  • Support you moving around your home
  • Enable you to get out and about in your local community
  • Help you with bathing, toileting and dressing
  • Prepare your meals and refreshments
  • Manage household chores such as cleaning
  • Administer your medication
  • Household chores
  • Take care of your pets
  • Give companionship, friendship and support
  • Facilitate trips out to shops, local cafés or even a museum
  • Accompany you to medical appointments

Respite care to give your family caregiver a rest

Many families choose to take care of their aging loved ones themselves and over time this can take its toll on their own health and wellbeing. Our respite service is a great solution to give carers, often partners, children and close family members of the patient, a well deserved, guilt-free rest with peace of mind that care is in place.
Long spells of caregiving can lead to considerable stress and fatigue for the caregiver due to their attention being on the one needing care rather than themselves. We can provide you with a number of solutions to help you cope with these challenges, including:

  • Short-term cover giving you some time for yourself
  • In-home assessments to improve your ability to give care to your loved one
  • Training and support for family caregivers
  • Fall-prevention assessments and strategies

Helping overcome challenges

There are always unique circumstances surrounding each of our clients reasons for choosing live-in care, but here are some of the most common ones:

  • Unexpected illness and events including falls, fractures or sudden hospital stays
  • Frailty, increased risks of falls and reduced mobility
  • Losing a spouse and requiring companionship, emotional and practical support
  • Dementia care for safety and familiarity
  • Long-term conditions such as Parkinson’s as well as diseases and disabilities

Supporting a routine centred around you

Your live-in carer will work around your preferred routine and preferences, rather than requiring you to adapt to a care home schedule.

This offers you the most personalised care service that is tailored to your needs. A healthy lifestyle starts with what you eat, and our carers can help your loved one to stay nutritioned and accommodate all dietary requirements. Exercise is so important as it may help prevent dementia and is linked to better mental function, which is why your carer will support you in living the most active life as possible. For those suffering with Dementia, simple daily tasks such as brushing teeth can become a challenge, but your live-in carer will support your loved one with these tasks and relearning skills.

A little note about our carers

At Britannia Social Care we treat our carers as part of our family. Our small and friendly team get to know all our patients very well as we believe this enables us to offer the very best car to the families we support. Not only are the carers we provide fully training and qualified, but they are chosen on their kind and friendly nature and matched to you based on your individual requirements and preferences. To find out more about what makes our carers special, call our team today on 0330 223 0172.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What facilities are required to accommodate your live-in carer?

The requirements to accommodate your live-in carer are relatively simple – somewhere for them to sleep and relax, bathroom facilities and the ability to take a break.

When does your carer get a break?

Your live-in carer, by law, is entitled to 14 hours of breaks over the working week. The way in which this is divided is tailored to suit you. During these breaks, you may choose to take advantage of our Supported Living service that can cover your needs whilst your live-in carer is taking a break.

Can live in care be provided to couples?

Yes, and it is more affordable than both individuals going into residential care.

What if you don’t need round-the-clock care?

If you are looking for some assistance at home from a carer, but not requiring a live-in service, our Supported Living service would be ideal for you. You can find out more about this service on the dedicated page, or call 0330 223 0172.

What if you don’t know what care you need?

Don’t worry, we are here to help find the best solution for your needs. An in-home assessment from one of our care advisors may be the best first step on your care-at-home journey – call us on 0330 223 0172 for more information.

A typical daily routine for live-in care

Helping you wake up refreshed and supporting you in washing, getting dressed and toileting

Breakfast is served by your carer, your medication is organised and your day is planned out

Time for some exercise, fresh air, or even a stroll with the confidence of your carer by your side

Your carer will help you prepare some lunch, or serve it to you, whichever you prefer

Time for a cup of tea, a light nap and give your carer the opportunity for a short break too

Dinner preparations are underway, ironing and laundry in hand and grocery shopping sorted

It’s time to start getting ready for bed – your carer will help you with personal care and offer a hotel-style turndown service

Your carer remains on hand for any help you need throughout the night including toileting and getting back into bed

Find out more about live-in care

For a no-obligation conversation regarding the care services we can offer you or your loved ones, call our friendly client services team on 0330 223 0172 or send us a message. You can talk to us in confidence about your individual needs, schedule an in-home assessment, and get one step closer to arranging the care you need for a happier, healthier life.


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