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Supported Living

Enabling people with challenging or complex needs to live as safely and independently as possible.

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How Supported Living Could Help You

Supported Living removes barriers preventing people of all ages from living a safe and as independent a life as possible.

The support we provide is centred around the client, providing the best outcomes for their unique circumstances. If you’re looking for supported living to support an independent life, Britannia Social Care are here to help you.

Building confidence and independence, with the reassurance that care is there, helps build self-esteem, leading to a better quality of life and improved mental health. Often this also leads to developing improved skills for everyday living, access to education and employment as well as a more active lifestyle. The Supported Living service provides the extra physical and emotional support some people need to lead happy and fulfilling lives in their own homes.

Supported Living Explained

Supported Living can be the perfect solution for when someone has left their family home for the first time or taking a step down from higher levels of care. You live behind your own front door, but with the sense of security and peace of mind that Britannia Social Care are on-hand for you when you need some encouragement or emotional support.

Britannia Social Care takes a totally personalised approach to create the perfect solution that fits with the circumstances, goals and abilities of the person being supported, as if they were part of our own family. A sense of responsibility and accountability is an attribute that runs through our close-knit team, from management to carers, giving you total confidence in our ability to care for you, or your loved one.

You are in total control of the Supported Living care you receive, enabling you to live independently and achieve your goals. However complex or simple your needs may be, we’ll work with you to live the best life possible with minimal stress and worry.

Your Britannia Social Care representative will work with you to create a personalised care plan based around your individual demands, needs and priorities.

What type of support is available?

Support to live independently can be provided for all aspects of day-to-day life from managing finances to finding employment.

The support you receive is chosen by you, based on your specific needs. Here’s some examples of the support we can offer you:

  • Assistance in finding suitable housing accommodation
  • Help with cooking, laundry and household chores
  • Managing your finances and budgets
  • Finding leisure activities, work or education
  • Signposting to other services that might be of help to you

Who is Supported Living for?

Britannia Social Care specialise in supporting people of all ages to live a safe and as independent life as possible.

Often, we support those with learning disabilities, brain injuries, autism or complex care enabling them to cope with daily life. Supported living is perfect for those who wish to remain a level of independence, whilst having reassurance that support is available to them. Support is adapted to each client’s daily routine, whether that’s education or employment, enabling them to lead the most enjoyable and fulfilling life.

What’s the next step?

There’s a range of Supported Living solutions that we can offer you and we’ll tailor these to meet your individual needs; finding the best option for you. To find out more or discuss in confidence, call 0330 223 0172 or send us a message.


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